The journey is just beginning.

Elevated to Elder    Congratulations brother and to all of the candidates
Elevated to Elder.     Congratulations brother and to all of the candidates of the 2015 convocation

Long time, No see

Some people look really good together.   Here a two ladies the had not seen each other in quite a while and could not resist the opportunity to be photographed.   I took this by the beach in Babylon.  It’s a good reminder that all that is loved is not always lost.  5276-2


IMG_8077Taking it to the hole.   At any level it’s an enjoyable sport.   This photo was from a recent game where the home team fell behind and then they turned it on late in the 4th quarter to a resounding win.  Don’t ever give up.   I have had the privilege of covering pro sports as well as youth leagues.   The pure enthusiasm f2f Rom kids who love the game is tough to beat.

Here we go!

The journey starts with the first step.    The world of photography is vast and exciting.  I’ve dabbled into many types -bored by some and inspired by others.   Always finding something a new element to add to my style.    It’s a work in progress; but its progress nonetheless.